Mucky Madness unleashed

With Winter turning to Spring (yes the daffoldils are up!) why not try something a little different this April? Mud running is the latest, greatest, phenomenon to rock the fitness world and we are delighted to once again play hosts to the muddiest, most amusing, mud run with obstacles in Essex - Mucky Madness. With a choice of distances to tempt both first-timers and experienced runners this countryside cross country boasts a great and varied course as well as about the best spectator viewing you will get.

Sign up now to secure your place and get Mucky this April and get 15% off with the Discount Code SPAINSFRIENDS15.

Get Mucky with Mucky Madness on April 16th 2016

Delight Your Taste Buds with Locally Produced Venison from Spains Hall

Venison is a rich and delicious meat loved by chefs for its flavour and texture. Whether you want to impress at a dinner party or simply have a change from the usual beef, chicken, or pork, organic venison is a great menu choice.

Here’s why you should choose locally produced venison, and where to find it.

Why should I eat venison?

Venison is a great tasting meat, with a slightly finer grain than beef. It is just as versatile and comes with a bold flavour. It’s highly flexible fare, with a similar taste to beef if used one way, or a delicious distinctive flavour if cooked with ingredients which enhance its natural taste. It can be fried, roasted, stewed, and is excellent when made into sausages.

On top of the good it can do your taste buds, organic venison can also do wonders for your body. It is richer in iron than beef, which keep your energy levels high and helps to prevent anaemia, while having more protein than any other red meat, so you stay fuller for longer. It’s packed with vitamins B2 and B3, which keep your metabolism working as it should, as well as vitamins B6 and B12 which could help to lower the risk of heart attack or stroke by preventing the build-up of homocysteine in the blood.

Wild deer often have concentrated levels of conjugated linoleic acid in their fat reserves, which is believed to help protect you against cancer and heart disease. Venison is a lean meat, so you won’t find it tough or packed with fat.

How to cook venison

You want to make sure you’ve bought high-quality venison that has been properly butchered to ensure you have a fresh cut of meat that has been aged for just the right amount of time to achieve the perfect flavour. Trim off any remaining fat and connective tissue, as unlike beef this won’t add to the flavour. If you are searing or frying venison quickly, you can do so without adding any extra fat. If you intend to cook it slowly, you will want to add some additional fat in order to keep the meat moist.

Where can I buy locally produced venison?

You can buy beautiful, high-quality venison from Spains Hall, sourced from our estate which encompasses a working farmland and lovingly maintained woodland. Our venison is available to buy minced or diced, or as fillet steaks or haunch steaks. We also have larger joints of venison which are perfect for roasting.

High-quality venison for sale

Are you looking for something a little bit different for your dinner table? Want to impress your guests or simply treat yourself to a new experience or an old favourite? Click here to buy fantastic quality organic venison from Spains Hall.

Horse Riding in Essex at Spains Hall Estate

The beautiful estate surrounding Spains Hall demands to be explored. It would be a shame if such wonderful countryside was left undiscovered. From the woodlands to the working farmland, our estate offers fantastic views and off-road tracks to ride.

There is plenty on offer for riders when they come to Spains Hall.

horse riding in Essex at Spains Hall Estate

Confident riding in a safe, off-road environment

Our estate provides a safe haven for horses and their riders. Secluded, off-road tracks keep you away from busy roads and areas. This gives you a more natural riding experience, where horses can feel calm. You won’t have to worry about your mount being spooked in such tranquil surroundings.

Great value for money

Annual subscriptions for horse riding on our estate start at just £120 for a single adult. This provides great value for money once you consider the variety of terrain you will get to explore across 12 miles of off-road track. Two adults together can get a subscription for £180, saving you £60 on the cost of riding individually. With extra discounts for more members, you can see how riding at Spains Hall quickly becomes an affordable way for two or more keen riders to indulge their hobby.

Never get tired of the views

The landscape surrounding Spains Hall is a joy to ride through. With terrain encompassing woodlands and working farmland, each ride takes you through a rural scene good enough to feature on a postcard. You’ll love the chance to get away from it all, spend some time with your trusty mount, and enjoy the beautiful fresh air. What better way to escape and unwind after a busy week at work?

Storage/light industrial barn to rent £400 pcm

Barn to rent - available immediately. £400 pcm.

2920 sq ft (270.28 sqm) single storey. 

Carp Fishing in Essex - Spains Hall Estate

Nothing helps to dissipate the stresses and strains of a busy week better than a few hours fishing. The sounds of nature all around you, the gentle ripples on the water, the building excitement as your bait attracts attention. Whether you are looking to get away from all the demands and responsibilities of modern life, or just wanting a bit of peace and quiet to yourself, coarse fishing offers the perfect balance of relaxation and excitement.

carp fishing Spains Hall Essex

Fish right in the centre of the beautiful Spains Hall Estate

The Spains Hall Estate is equipped with a range of facilities that offer discerning visitors the chance to get away from their hectic lives and enjoy something truly beautiful and tranquil. With 11 miles of public footpath, passing through 1800 acres of working farmland and 150 acres of carefully managed woodland, the estate offers a superb opportunity to connect with nature and experience of life’s simple pleasures.

It is hardly surprising that in this landscape you will find a series of beautifully maintained and well-stocked carp ponds. Fishing enthusiasts both professional and amateur, casual and dedicated, come to fish at Spains Hall for the quality of its stock and the beauty of its location.

Our coarse fishery

You will find our coarse fishery located right in the heart of the gardens. Depending upon which side you choose to set up, you can enjoy stunning views up the lawns to Spains Hall, or vistas of tree-lined banks, allowing you to truly feel that you are in the middle of nowhere. Our fishponds are stocked with both common and mirror carp, ranging in size up to 20lb, so there is every opportunity to land some truly impressive fish. Whether you come for the relaxation, or are serious about catching some real beauties, Spains Hall’s coarse fishery is the perfect place to come.

Day passes or annual subscriptions available

Our fishery can be used for one-off fishing trips or on a more permanent basis, depending upon how much time you have to commit. A day ticket for an adult with a maximum of two rods is just £8.50, or £6 for a child over 16. Children must be accompanied by an adult, and if you want to fish together, you can enjoy a saver ticket for just £12 for the both of you (for children up to 16 years old).

If you plan to frequent us regularly you can buy an annual subscription for £150, or a combined adult and child subscription for £200. Know someone who would love to spend some quality time fishing a beautiful lake? Get in touch and ask us about gift tickets.

For more information, get in touch with us today.

Labourer Wanted!

Garden & Estate Labourer Wanted

Part-time casual labourer wanted to support gardening, estate maintenance and events team at Spains Hall, Finchingfield. This is a short-term position to cover a period of absence of one of our regular staff members.

Duties will include grass cutting, general repairs & maintenance tasks, painting, setting up the events venue and any other tasks as required. Experience of general garden or estate work plus an ability to lift and carry would be an advantage but the main thing is that you are keen to work and able to be flexible with your hours!

The position is for 16-20 hours per week for a fixed period to cover a planned staff absence. The work is mainly during the week but there may be occasional weekend shifts following events.
Rate of pay is £8.50 per hour. Interested?

Call 01371 811596 or

Cleaner Wanted!

Cleaner Wanted - Spains Hall

Part-time cleaner required at Sp[ains Hall on a no hours contract to help look after our three luxury cottages and help reset the wedding venue after an event or wedding.

Previous experience isn't essential. although helpful, but if you have a good work ethic, strong attention to detail and like to see things "just so" we can train you to do the rest!

Hours will vary as it depends when we receive bookings for weddings and holiday accommodation, but in general you will have some warning when a clean is required. The post does require regular weekend working, usually in the morning, and would suit someone with a good level of fitness!

The position pays £8.50 / hour.

If you are interested please contact us either by email - or ring 01371 811596.

Perfect Corporate Events Venue - 4 Reasons Why it’s a Stately Home

Corporate events are a highlight of the business calendar. They can attract new business, create knowledge sharing opportunities, build your reputation, and generate press coverage. They also require a lot of organising, with every aspect of the event working to create a beneficial and valuable experience for delegates.

There are speakers to organise, guest lists to create, workshops to plan, exhibitors to book, marketing campaigns to draft and execute, and much more. Before you can start any of that, however, you need to decide upon a venue. There is plenty of choice available to you, so here are four reasons a stately home can offer you much more than other types of venue.

Impress your guests

The location plays an important role in setting the tone of your event. A stately home provides a dignified setting that lends an air of sophistication. The decor and surroundings lend a suitable background to a company that’s out to build its reputation and demonstrate its brand values.

Remember that the first impression of the event for your delegates will be when they arrive at the venue. A corporate events location such as Spains Hall, won't disappoint. They will be able to relax and enjoy themselves, putting them in a good mood: perfect if you aim to generate new business or network.

Quality of service

The staff at stately homes are used to providing top quality service to their guests. Choosing these types of venue ensures you will get the expertise and professionalism of service to keep your delegates happy, and your corporate events running smoothly. The last thing you want is for poor facilities and personnel to overshadow your event, and if it is held in a stately home, that is the last thing that will happen.

Stand out from the crowd

At certain times of year, conference delegates have a lot of corporate events to choose from. Your event could clash with others, and you need something to help differentiate your event. An unusual location like a stately home stands out amongst the inner city conference venues, many of which look the same.

Make the most of the space to provide variety

There are a lot of things you can't do as a guest at a regular corporate events venue in the city. You can't explore several acres of grounds and farmland, take part in woodland walks or coarse fishery, for instance. Stately homes usually offer plenty of outdoor space, which can be used to provide a range of team-building and ice-breaking activities to add an extra level of entertainment and value to your event.

Put on the corporate event that everyone wants to attend

With a stately home as your conference venue you'll be receiving an unparalleled level of service, a location that attracts high attendance figures, and an experience that establishes your brand as a major player in your industry.

Get in touch today to find out more.

Filming at Spains Hall

With its listed buildings, expansive grounds, and historic features, Spains Hall is a striking and grandiose building. The space and sheer choice of locations make it the perfect venue for all kinds of filming, and the estate is more than equipped to meet the needs of filmmakers. Spains Hall and the surrounding landscape provides many impressive backdrops, both for interior and exterior filming, and the sheer variety of the location allows you to capture many different visuals and atmospheres within a relatively small geographical area.

Interviews, documentaries, reality television and dramas – Spains Hall is perfectly suited to all kinds of filming. Shows filmed here have included the series five finale of The Only Way Is Essex, the Antiques Roadshow, and the BBC’s build up coverage for the 2014 Tour De France. We take a look at some of the locations both inside the house and on the estate that can be used to create impressive imagery and unbeatable ambience for any shoot.

The Woodlands

Our woods are carefully managed to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment. We manage the canopy to ensure that ample light reaches the forest floor, meaning that all plants and trees prosper. This gives you a verdant and expansive location, full of colour in spring, summer, and autumn, and packed with drama in the winter. It is a wonderful section of our estate, often frequented by walkers, who enjoy the paths, the lakes and streams, and the abundant woodland creatures that call this place their home.

Elizabethan House

While a house has been on the site of Spains Hall for ten centuries, the current manor dates back to the early 15th century. At the time of the Domesday Book (1086), the manor was held by Hervey de Ispania, which is where Spains Hall gets its name. The manor has been owned by knights and clothiers alike, with Spains Hall having been the property of the current family since Samuel Ruggles purchased it in 1760. The interior of the home provides many grand and historical rooms, complete with tapestries, family portraits, oak panelled walls and four poster beds.


Spains Hall offers extensive use of parts of its grounds for sports fisherman and horse riders, making it the ideal location for sports related documentaries, nature features, and establishing shots. There are 12 miles of farm track for riding, taking you through our working farmland, while our coarse fishery is fully stocked with common and mirror carp, reaching up to 20lb. The lake itself is a stunning location, surrounded by woodland, making it a tranquil and dynamic setting.


You’ll find all the space and equipment you need here at Spains Hall to make filming simple and convenient. We have ample space for you to set up a production office and can provide phase 3 power. For long shoots, catering can easily be arranged for the cast and crew to ensure everything runs smoothly and all your needs are met.

Wedding Open Day 22nd February 2015

Sadly we've had to cancel our open day on Sunday 22nd February 2015.

HOWEVER WE ARE ABLE TO BOOK INDIVIDUAL SHOWROUNDS FOR THE DAY.  Please contact us to book an appointment.

Spains Hall is a gorgeous venue to host your big day.  The Hall itself dates back to around 1410 in the oldest parts and has always been a family home.  On your wedding day you can get married in the grand Elizabethan Hall, or outside in the stunning walled rose gardens, having spent the morning getting ready in the Tapestry Room Bridal Suite.  After the ceremony you can enjoy a drinks reception, with canapes, within the public rooms of the Hall and the surrounding gardens with its beautiful lakeside backdrop available for yourselves and your guests to explore, as well as plenty of scope for those all important photos!  It's a lovely relaxed way to start your celebrations.

In the afternoon you make your way across to the 18th century stable block which has been lavishly converted into a top quality reception venue complete with under-floor heating for those winter weddings and integrated air conditioning for the summer months!

Your 3 course wedding breakfast, a menu of your choosing, is cooked fresh on-site and served by our catering partners, restauranteurs The Cambridge Dining Company.  Once everyone can eat no more the speeches begin with glasses of bubbly provided to toast the happy occasion.

After a quick turn-around while people stretch their legs on the terrace the main hall is transformed with plenty of space to dance, a DJ or band of your choosing sets up to play, the lights are dimmed and your evening guests arrive. Then the cake is cut, the first dance of the evening gets under way and once the tears of on-lookers have been wiped away it's time to get in the spirit drag your partner to the dance floor and have a good time!  Later on the evening food comes out, with many choices from simple bacon rolls through to full evening BBQ's there's plenty to keep those energy levels up and those dancing shoes kicking.

At the end of the night, once the goodbye's have been said, the Bride & Groom can retire to our tranquil, intimate North Lodge for their wedding night, safe in the knowledge that in the middle of this 2,000 acre estate nothing will disturb them apart from the occasional passing Deer or Hedgehog!

Sound too good to be true, why not book to come and see us and find out for yourself!

Celebrating in Style at Spain’s Hall

gardens at Spains Hall estate

For some occasions an ordinary party just won’t do. You need something special, something unique. Some occasions are important and deserve to be remembered for a long time. A truly outstanding venue makes a truly outstanding party. If it’s out of the ordinary people won’t forget it quickly and it can even become one of the most memorable parts of the night. A good venue is about more than just space – it’s about service and atmosphere too.

From christenings to wedding anniversaries, Spain’s Hall has a range of options to add the ‘special’ to your special occasion.

The Stables

Of all the buildings on our estate, the stables is the one that has undergone the most change. It was once two separate buildings: an 18th century Dovecote and a 19th century Coach House. These two buildings have been renovated and extended to create the characterful and atmospheric Stables complex. We’ve kept and embellished the original features as a reminder of the historic significance of the buildings, and also to add character and charm to the space.

With underfloor heating and air conditioning, WiFi, audio-visual presentation facilities and a PA system, The Stables is perfectly set up to provide a characterful venue for any party. Having music and internet makes it perfect for engagement parties, graduation celebrations, and any other reason you can think of to unwind and have a great time. From the Main Hall to the Terrace with views across the grounds to Spain’s Hall, the stables is the perfect venue for parties.

Spain’s Hall

The house itself offers several rooms that can be booked for parties ranging from large-scale gatherings to small intimate get-togethers. The Elizabethan Hall is perhaps the most impressive setting for any gathering – grand and filled with light. The drawing room, beautifully panelled, is a cosy and intimate room with direct access to the gardens, giving you plenty of chance to make the most of fine weather. It is a wonderful place for family gatherings and smaller celebrations. If you are having a more formal get-together, such as an anniversary dinner or business meal, the Georgian dining room is perfect. Parties and events booked for here also give you access to the smooth lawns and beautiful gardens outside.

For all events we offer the finest catering services. You can choose from a wide range of menus, and we can also offer a full bar service.

Whatever you want to celebrate, celebrate it right

There are so many events in life worth celebrating, and if it’s worth celebrating, it’s worth getting right. The right venue can transform a nice night into an unforgettable event. Do something memorable and magical with your next celebration. Whether you want something large and loud, or quiet and intimate, Spain’s Hall has the locations, the space, and the staff to give you a wonderful and sophisticated time that neither you nor your guests will be able to forget.

Read more on our events pages, or get in touch to book your event today.

Steak Night - Eat the Locals!

organic venison from spains hall estate

As the nights begin to draw in the fire is lit and we all start to think about Christmas as another seasonal treat comes calling. Each year we cull a number of wild deer that live on the wider estate in order to preserve the balance of nature and protect some of the other important flora and fauna we are lucky enough to provide homes for at Spains.

This is done sensitively so that we maintain a balanced population in terms of age and species (we have three of the six UK deer species; Roe, Fallow and Muntjac). November sees the start of the Fallow doe (female) open season and, as these are the most common deer on the Estate, it is also the time of year when we have most access to that most delicious of wild foods – venison! You can hardly move these days with TV chefs proclaiming the health and taste benefits of venison, some even highlighting how much better the wild stuff is than farmed; Radio 4 has cottoned on with a series on Farming Today about the subject.

We have always sought to ensure that everything we cull ends up being eaten but this year we are trying something new. In addition to supplying our usual game dealers, who then ship the venison around the country to posh hotels and to our continental cousins we are selling some locally. Steak night in Finchingfield has taken on a whole new dimension with our neighbours eating their own little taste of Spains, perhaps with a good glass of red in front of that fire.

If you are local and would like to try some for yourself drop us a line!

What Makes a Luxury Wedding Venue?

spains hall gardens

Every bride and groom-to-be wants to experience the height of luxury on their wedding day. But what does that actually mean? There are many wedding venues that refer to themselves as luxury. So how do you know what to expect? After all, luxury is about more than just a label.

Read on for a few things you should expect to get from a luxury venue.


Obviously you can’t have a luxury wedding venue without a stunning building. You want somewhere grand, sophisticated and timeless. It’s got to be somewhere that wows you, even after the third or fourth visit, the kind of place that stands out, and provides the perfect setting for the haul of great memories you’ll be making on the day.

Wedding planner

You are going to be spending a lot of time with the venue’s wedding planner. You’ll be telling them your hopes, your tastes, the way you dreamed your wedding would be as a child. You’ll be expressing your personality, and will want them to understand. A luxury venue where the wedding planner doesn't do everything they can to make you feel special is no luxury at all. If the splendour of a venue is matched by the enthusiasm and empathy of your wedding planner, you’ll have the treatment you deserve, from the initial meeting to your wedding day.


What’s luxury without fine dining? Just as the venue is a sight to behold and the ceremony sets alight your emotions, the meals on your special day should be a revelation to your taste buds. You and your guests should be treated to the finest quality ingredients, lovingly prepared and cooked to perfection. After all, good tastes are a sign of good taste.


Luxury is having everyone at the venue working to give you the best time you can possibly have. It's not just the wedding planner who should be dedicated to giving you a great time. If each member of staff is friendly, warm, and caring, it makes you and your guests feel special. Any luxury wedding venue should have personable and caring people on hand to cater to your every need.


It’s true that your wedding is all about you, although you want your guests to have a fantastic time too. Guest’s enjoying your ceremony is important to you in making your day special. You want them to be looked after with the same care and consideration your venue shows for you. Luxury should be shared around.


At the end of the day, luxury isn't about compromise. Every aspect of your day should be perfect. That's what a luxury venue guarantees you. From the ceremony to the dance, your wedding day needs to sparkle. That's what you get from a luxury wedding venue – a location with gravitas, a truly romantic atmosphere, a wedding planner who does everything they can to make your day truly memorable, and a wonderful experience for all involved.

Your Dream Wedding - Home or Far, Far Away?

wedding carriage and horse Spains Hall Estate

Your choice of venue will likely define the tone of your entire wedding. For some couples nothing will come between them and their dream venue. For others, having their ceremony locally means a lot to them.

So what should you do if your dream wedding venue is far away? We look at the pros and cons of travelling for your dream wedding.

Your guests

For most people a wedding just isn’t right without everyone who matters to them being present. So while the idea of running away to get married somewhere exotic and glamorous may appeal at first, you need to consider how your guests will get there. Can they all make it?

On the other hand, many of them will be travelling anyway, so would it really make a difference to them?


A lot of your guests may book accommodation for your ceremony anyway, so venue location won’t matter. If they weren’t planning on driving there and back in a day, there won’t be a problem.

However, it might not be appropriate to ask your guests to pay a lot of money to stay somewhere because you wanted to get married in a faraway location. Might they expect you to pay for accommodation?


How does your choice of venue affect the timings of your day? A lot of your guests could be planning to travel to the venue on the day of the ceremony, so will they have enough time to get there? What if the traffic holds them up? And if you want to get married in the venue a long distance away, are you going to have the reception nearby, or will everyone have to travel back for the evening?

There’s always the possibility of having a small family ceremony and then a big party back home the next day, or the following weekend, though.


Very few people are lucky enough to be able to forget entirely about how much things cost and focus instead on planning their dream wedding. The practicalities need to be taken into account. A far away venue might not only be better, but also cheaper, if it is in a less expensive area. Although once you’ve added on the additional travel and accommodation costs, have you actually made a saving?

Less stress = a better day for you

Wedding planning can be difficult and time-consuming, and the last thing you want to do is increase the stress. You of course deserve the perfect wedding, but part of that is being free to get excited in the run-up to the main event. If you find yourself drowning in admin, you could spend too much of your time worrying about whether the day is running to schedule and if everybody else is being taken care of. So don’t forget that happiness comes not just from location, and excitement, but from being able to relax and focus entirely on the experience.

Spains Hall - Progress?

mowing the grass at Spains Hall - then

Even in the relatively short time I’ve been around things around Spains haven’t stood still for long. When you consider that the R-B family have lived here for over 250 years my meagre 34 years is just a drop in the ocean. That said since I can remember I’ve seen buildings come down, buildings go up, people come and go, machinery evolve (clearly my preoccupation as a small child was tractors, something shared by my sons amazingly) and the day-to-day life constantly change.

In refreshing my memory of the history for a house tour recently I got completely side-tracked by a collection of old photos. Some of you may have seen the recent Country Life article on Spains Hall which contained some of the best pictures I’ve seen of the house and gardens. However, in this collection of old photos was one of the men mowing the grass in front of Spains, using a donkey! The donkey has long since been retired and we thought it’d be fun to stage the photo again:

mowing the grass at Spains Hall - now

A bit more horsepower but we still have to cut the grass!

Some things do change, but probably not as much as we think!


Essex to the Ashes

Last month we renewed our link to international sport by providing the raw material for the Indian Premier League and Ashes. Ok, so it’ll take a while to get there but some of the Cricket Bat Willows recently harvested from the estate may, via the experts at J.S.Wright & Sons Ltd (, eventually find their way into the hands of superstars of the cricketing world.  After felling the mature trees will be taken a few miles to Great Leighs, cross cut into 28 inch lengths, graded and transformed into the ‘blades’ that are the supplied to expert bat makers. Replanting of felled or damaged trees is done regularly with the young sets supplied by Wrights. It’s then up to us to nurture them as they grow, protecting them as best we can from squirrels and deer, who are obviously not cricket fans!

It’s probably one of the longest working relationships we have at Spains, starting at least 80 years ago and continuing to the present day. Growing Cricket Bat Willows is an unusual and interesting facet of the Estate and we are very lucky to be so close to the biggest English Willow merchants in the world.

AR-B August 2014

What Will You Find When You Venture Out Of Spains Hall?

out and about at Spains Hall Estate

When people think of Spains Hall, they most likely think of the building itself. Tall and lustrous in colour, Spains Hall makes a mark on the local landscape, standing out yet perfectly fitting in. The estate has been managed carefully to ensure the hall has all you would expect from such a beautiful ancestral home.

It is away from the hall itself that we want to turn our attention today. Exploring the estate, and the countryside beyond it, can make up a large part of your stay. The variety of the landscape, and sheer expanse of beautiful surroundings, means that you could have an exciting and memorable time here without ever needing to leave the locale.

We take a look at some of the landscapes and features surrounding Spains Hall, and just why they are so worth exploring.


Throughout the history of Spains Hall, the owners have worked to adapt its function in line with modern demands. This has allowed it to continue to survive and thrive through the decades. The farmland on the estate is one of the key parts of this, with 1800 working acres. Farmland, with its wide, rolling fields provides the perfect English landscape. The relative flatness of the landscape allows you to see for miles, and it is wonderful to see up close the way that man interacts with nature.


The woodland around Spains Hall is extensively managed to ensure that it is as healthy as possible. With the price of importing timber from abroad so low, many woodlands in Britain have been left to their own devices as it is no longer profitable to maintain them. This may sound idyllic, but a woodland that isn’t managed becomes a very competitive place. All plants need light, but we all know that nature is not about sharing. Without carefully controlling the canopies, the biggest trees would block out all the light for the plants below. By caring for our woodland, we ensure that all types of plants are allowed to grow. This ensures we have wonderfully varied and natural English woodland.

Walks from Finchingfield

Spains Hall is located near the picturesque village of Finchingfield. The village is small and quaint, with plenty of greenery, and is the perfect place to set off from on an array of countryside walks. There are many routes to choose from, varying in length from a leisurely stroll to a hike of many miles. It doesn’t take long after setting off before you are deep in the midst of the Essex countryside, walking through meadows and valleys, crossing streams, and traversing fields.

Holiday cottages in Essex at Spains Hall

Our words will never do the sights of Essex justice. The only way to truly experience them is to come and visit for yourself. Look at our holiday cottages today and start planning your Essex adventure.

Spains Hall Estate - A different perspective

aerial view of Spains Hall Estate

When you’ve lived somewhere all your life you can be fooled into thinking you know pretty much all there is to know about it. Well, that’s what I thought until I was lucky enough to hitch a lift to fly over Spains Hall. It’s amazing how different things are from the air. I’ve been up on the roof of Spains Hall occasionally, though mostly wobbling along the rainwater gullies feeling terribly brave (whilst actually wondering if the lead will hold me or if I’d end up in one of the bedrooms in a rather unconventional manner!)

To see it for yourself is something else. I found myself drawn to the vision of those who set out the garden (without the aid of a view from above!) and just how perfect it looks from the air. The Estate was also a revelation, with large blocks of woodland linked by ribbons of hedge and punctuated by fields of different colour crops.  What struck me particularly though was the way the house and gardens nestle into the landscape. They look like they just belong.


Of course that’s what Humphrey and his son Ady Repton would have wanted I’m sure as they drew out their ambitious plans and watercolours for the house and grounds in the 19th Century  (sadly never fully realised due to lack of funds but you can see the originals in the house), but as someone who is keen on the way we relate to our natural surroundings it’s gratifying to see that our home seems manage it so well. Admittedly, it’s had some practice having been on the site since 1410 in one form or another!


The opportunity to compare from the air the velum 1618 Pope map and today’s Estate was one I shall never forget. If I ever want a benchmark as to how the Estate has changed it’s to that map that I turn. Pleasingly the amount of woodland has shrunk ever so little, and what’s clear from the air is that Great Howe – our treasured semi-natural ancient woodland – is still one of the largest stands in the area.


As we flew south over Essex, Kent and into Sussex to Goodwood (that’s another story…) I couldn’t help but contrast this with some of the more stark additions to our landscape, and be reassured that some buildings can enhance the natural world, thankfully Spains seems to be one!

Holiday Cottage in Essex - Where Else Would You Get All This?

To take a short break in the Essex countryside is to relax and unwind in the most peaceful of surroundings. Our largely rural county is peppered with delightful market towns and some amazing landscapes. Essex is a very serene place, and has plenty to offer in terms of exploration, places to visit, and holiday cottages to stay in.

Essex is the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend away, or a short break to recharge your batteries. The serenity of the surrounding landscape works perfectly to help you forget the stresses and strains of daily working life. After a busy week in the city, Essex is a veritable paradise of quiet, tranquillity, and nature.

Spains Hall

A lot of holiday cottages are a stopping off point between your home and the adventures of a short break. They give you somewhere comfortable to stay, from which you can get out and explore the local area. The cottages located on our Estate, however, get you right into the middle of some beautiful countryside and activities, meaning you can have a great holiday without having to travel very far from your holiday property at all.

11 miles of public footpath

The Estate itself is expansive, with 1800 acres of working farmland. We also have 150 acres of managed woodland that is carefully looked after to ensure the best possible ecosystem. All this is worth exploring, and a gentle walk through beautiful scenery offers the perfect opportunity to clear your mind after a busy week, and there’s nothing quite as serene as a stroll through our woodland.

Coarse Fishing

If fishing is a passion of yours, then you will love our coarse fishery. We have two historic lakes for you to choose from, dating back to the 17th century. Our main lake is stocked with Common and Mirror Carp, ranging in size up to 20lb. We have also recently stocked the second lake with Tench. These offer the perfect chance for a quiet escape, some time alone with your thoughts, and to sit calmly and enjoy the wonderful surroundings. You can book tickets and read the rules for our coarse fishery here.

Holiday cottages on the Estate

You get everything you need for a serene and enjoyable short break with Spains Hall. We have three beautifully renovated self-catering holiday cottages on the Estate, situated on their own to ensure the quietest and most peaceful atmosphere you can imagine. You’ll only have nature to listen to, and we cannot think of a better sound to accompany your short break than that.

Once you have your accommodation sorted out, you can explore the public footpaths or fish in the lakes. If you manage to see everything the Estate has to offer, one of Essex’s most beautiful villages, Finchingfield is located close nearby.

Take a look at our three fantastic holiday cottages.

Late Availability - August 2014

Due to late cancelations we have not one but two Saturday August date's available in 2014!

Ring us today on 01371 811596 or email to come, have a look around and see if we can make your dream day come true!

Mucky Races Returns April 6th 2014!

Our last Mucky Races cross-country event was a huge success so, we're doing it again!

Taking part is pure "mudtastic" fun but don’t just take our word for it, check out what everyone else has been saying on Facebook!

We can't wait to see so many people at Spains to pit themselves against such a challenging course and we are hugely grateful to Mucky Races for putting the event on!

Check out the taster video made by Red Carpet Video...

Mucky Races - The Gauntlet from Red Carpet Video on Vimeo.

Mucky Races at Spains Hall lake plunge Mucky Races at SPains Hall - the Mud Pit Mucky Races at Spains Hall - the dunking barrels

Spains Hall Perfect Food Hygiene rating!

We are delighted to have received a 5 out of 5 score for our most recent food hygiene assessment, another perfect result for us and for our clients! Check out the rating on the Food Standards Agency Website.

Perfect 5 Score Food Hygiene Rating for Spains Hall

Brides and Grooms Go Planting!

Spains Hall Wedding Arboretum Day 2012
See the article in the Dunmow Broadcast here. Photography by

Couples who held their weddings at Spains Hall during 2011,  were invited to a unique event at Spains Hall by Sir Timothy and Lady Ruggles-Brise on Sunday.

In the spring sunshine former Brides and Grooms, with their families and friends were asked to plant a tree in memory of their wedding day or ceremony at Spains Hall.

Some forty guests enjoyed the Spains Hall hospitality, starting the event with a champagne – bucks fizz reception prior to planting their own tree in the glorious grounds of Spains Hall followed by a celebratory lunch in the Stables.

Sir Timothy commented, “We are absolutely delighted to welcome so many couples and their families back to Spains to mark the great occasion of their wedding. The opportunity to plant your own tree is designed to maintain a long and happy association with The Spains Hall Estate. Couples are encouraged to revisit Spains in the future to see their tree and to remember their great day.”

A huge thanks to our Suggested Supplier David Michael Photography for taking such amazing pictures.

For full details see our website

Contact: Jessica Duck on 01371 811596, Email:


Sam Ruggles-Brise on 07791 780521, Email:

Spains Hall restoration nominated for prestigious Architecture Award

Spains Hall restoration nominated for prestigious RICS Architecture Award

2010 saw the completion of an historic renovation of Spains Hall manor house, Finchingfield in Essex. The culmination of almost two years work by a team of skilled craftsmen, Spains Hall is now looking better than ever and forms part of a thriving Weddings and Hospitality business as well as being a wonderful family home. Today Spains Hall stands proudly in its stunning rural Essex surroundings offering an unrivalled experience to all those who celebrate there, thanks in no small part to the quality and attention to detail of the renovation team, headed by Kay Pilsbury Architects.

“Stripping the house back down to its bones gave us the opportunity to learn a great deal about how it has evolved since the early 15th Century.” said Sir Timothy Ruggles-Brise, Spains Hall’s current owner.

“For instance we now know that the original structure, dating from 1410, was a medieval moated farmhouse with a separate kitchen building. This came to light as we were digging trenches for a new set of toilets in the public rooms. The builders uncovered an arched brick cap which turned out to be sealing the top of a live well – in what is now the middle of the house! It was too interesting a feature to cover over again so now the gentlemen at a function in Spains Hall have an interesting view through the floor!”

Other unusual things that came to light as the works progressed included a massive oak beam that had been heavily charred by fire. Sir Timothy takes up the tale,

“We always believed the house had suffered from a fire in the 18th Century but had never been able to find out exactly where the fire occurred or how much damage it might have caused, not least as the house has always remained standing. We uncovered a huge oak beam that had obviously borne the brunt of a serious fire above one of the first floor doorways. Whilst it was almost half burnt through the engineers confirmed that it had plenty of strength left to hold up a whole floor - something to say for good old English oak!”

Spains Hall has gathered a reputation for resilience following the discovery of a notebook giving an account of that the Great English Earthquake of 1884 that was felt at Spains Hall. The earthquake, magnitude 4.6 according to records from the British Geological Survey, was the most destructive in 400 years. Damage to Spains Hall however was limited to a few broken windows and the odd crack!

Spains Hall continues to generate history as the Ruggles-Brise family celebrated 250 years in occupation in 2010 and each year numerous couples are married in its historic surroundings.

An Essex Wedding Features Spains Hall

An Essex Wedding magazine featured one of our brilliant couples married here at Spains Hall in their March edition as the ‘Real Wedding’.

Read the article here
Real Wedding at Spains Hall

Spains Hall opens Summer House and Rose Garden

The Perfect Summer Ceremony

Imagine the perfection of getting married outside on a warm summers day or evening in the historic surroundings of the Spains Hall Rose Garden.

From April through to October we are opening our Summer House to couples for their wedding ceremony. The thatched Summer House and rose garden will give a magical back drop to your wedding.

Both the Summer House and garden are steeped in history dating back to the turn of the 20th Century. The carefully refurbished Summer House is situated within easy access to the main house with ample room in the garden for your guests to enjoy the occasion.

Summer House Ceremonies are subject to the Registrars decision regarding weather.

Find out more here
Outside Ceremony Spains Hall Wedding venue in Essex

Misty morning sunshine

Misty morning at Spains Hall Wedding Venue in Essex

Une Soiree Musciale 18th November - Postponed due to illness

Unfortunately the Musical evening has been Postponed due to illness amongst the performers. Please contact or call 01371 812995 for further information and refunds.

The High Sheriff of Essex - Lady Rosemary Ruggles-Brise DL invites you to join her for “Une Soiree Musicale” here at Spains Hall on Friday 18th November 2011.

Charity Musical Evening 18th NovemberWe are delighted to welcome the Ensemble De La Chapelle for a musical evening in aid of The High Sheriff of Essex’s Fund. You are invited 7pm for 7.30pm Drinks, canapés and a light supper will be provided in Spains Hall prior to the performance.

The £50 each tickets are limited so please apply now to or call 01371 812995.

Download the invitation here

Winter wonderland cake!

The latest Ruggles-Brise wedding at Spains Hall came complete with one of the most unusual cakes we’ve seen. Archie’s sister and her husband are mad keen on snow sports and so had a cake designed to match!
Snow Cake at Spains Hall
Finesse Cakes by Sue Field

Happy Halloween!

Spains Hall Halloween Witches

Let us cast a spell on you!

Spains Hall Featured in the UK’s No 1 Bridal Magazine - Brides

Click below to see us in the UK’s No 1 Bridal Magazine - Brides

Spains Hall featured in An Essex Wedding magazine

Click here to see Kerry and Andy’s special day

Youth cricket saved by Spains Hall Estate owners

Youth cricket saved by Spains Hall Estate owners
as reported by the Saffron Walden Reporter

By Nick Thompson, Sports Editor Wednesday, July 6, 2011 12:38 PM

The young players took a step back in time to train at Spains Hall

AN under threat youth cricket setup has been rescued, thanks to the generosity of a family that share a lot of history with the club itself.

On Saturday, the Spains Hall Estate invited Finchingfield Cricket Club’s (FCC) junior section to carry out a training session on the front lawns. Junior cricket had been under threat this season, until the estate stepped in to help out.

Club chairman Paul Denman explains: “With our head coach relocating due to work, we were left potentially unable to cover the weekly coaching sessions.

“The Spains Hall Estate which has now become our new club sponsor, is particularly interested in supporting our younger players. They have enabled us to pay for support coaching for this coming season and also to set aside money for training ready for next.”

Speaking after the rescue Archie Ruggles-Brise, manager of the estate, added: “We are delighted to be involved with a community-focused activity for local young players. Historically, the club used to play on Spains Hall’s lawns and it is wonderful to re-establish the direct link.”

Coaching for under 13s, Saturday mornings 10–11 am, runs through the summer and Finchingfield CC welcomes new players of all ages and abilities. Senior nets are Wednesday evenings at 6pm. The club was reformed in 2006 and plays local friendly fixtures. It runs junior coaching sessions, takes an active part in the local community and runs village events, such as the Finchingfield 3-legged race.

For further details visit or call 07791653484.

Three-legged pub race hailed a succes

Three-legged pub race hailed a success (as reported in the Halstead Gazette)

Villagers were treated to an unusual sight as nuns, Simpsons and the Spartans were seen running around. Seventeen pairs took part in a three-legged race between the cricket club, Fox Inn, Red Lion and Three Tuns in Finchingfield on June 18.

Finchingfield Cricket Club organised the annual race, which is sponsored by Spains Hall Estate and involves crossing the village pond twice. Secretary Jeremy Toynbee said: “They do it for the fun, beer or to raise money for their chosen charity or good cause.”

Runaway sucess for 3-legged race once again!

Finchingfield Cricket Club sponsored by Spains Hall Estate


When: Saturday 18 June, 3 pm
Where: around the village, centred on pond and green

Seventeen, three-legged pairs took up the challenge of racing around the village, drinking at
the three pubs and fording the pond twice, in the now annual Finchingfield Three-legged
Race. The winners Ian Somerville and Martin Beard set a new course record of 11m30s,
shaving nearly 2 minutes of the previous best.

Lady Rosemary Ruggles-Brise, High Sheriff of Essex was on hand to present the trophy
to the winners and bubbly to those winning the best fancy dress competition, John Robinson
and Cath Littlemore (Wethersfield RSPCA).

Paul Denman, Club Chairman, said: ‘We were delighted with the turn out considering the
squally weather and thank all those who helped make it a wonderful occasion, particularly our
pubs The Fox Inn, Red Lion and Three Tuns.’

Sir Timothy Ruggles-Brise, of club sponsor the Spains Hall Estate, added: ‘We are
delighted to be associated with the club, in particular its junior section, and with this wonderful
event. Sponsorship money is still coming in I understand, but a provisional total of at least
£1300 has been raise for local and nation charities, including Wethersfield RSPCA and the
Children’s Heart Foundation, and the club.’

Further info available from Club Secretary Jeremy Toynbee on 07791653484 or

Photos from are available at

Finchingfield CC was reformed in 2006 and plays local friendly fixtures. It runs junior
coaching sessions, takes an active part in the local community and runs village events, such
as the Finchingfield 3-legged race.

For further details about Finchingfield Cricket Club please
visit our website at or contact the Club Secretary on 07791653484.

Spains Hall Estate Family-owned Spains Hall and its exquisite grounds have the flexibility for a variety of events including weddings, parties, private functions, meetings, conferences, corporate fun days and fund raising events. All levels of hospitality can be provided from fine dining to a buffet or hog roast, with venue exclusivity and a wide variety of packages available to suit your requirements and budget. For further details please visit our website at

Spains Hall - Always in the party mood

Always in the party mood. Anglia Business Magazine promotes Spains Hall for Christmas parties.

See the press cutting here


DATE: 3rd June 2011


Spains Hall, one of the finest venues in Essex for weddings and corporate events has recently formed a new partnership to take the business forward into to new areas of
events and functions.

The new partnership driven by 31 year old Archie Ruggles-Brise will of course still host weddings as it’s core business but will develop corporate business and other private parties and events.

“We have recently given ourselves a make over with   a new branding, the launch of an impressive new website and a stunning brochure. Our new image is much cleaner, simple and endorses the feel and fabric of all we offer at Spains Hall.” commented Archie.

Our new website is much easier to navigate and takes you to where you want to be quickly. It has been designed to be inspirational and interesting for the user whilst readily giving all the detail that goes into planning a wedding or an event.


See coverage of this story in the Press..

Dunmow Broadcast 12th June 2011

For further information please contact:
Sam Ruggles-Brise
T: 01371 811596
M: 07791 780521

Finchingfield Guildhall Campaign Launched

Guildhall Campaign Launched
As reported by the Braintree and Witham Times
A campaign to restore a village landmark has been officially launched.

The team behind the restoration of Finchingfield’s Guildhall hosted a reception for more than 100 guests at Spains Hall, the home of High Sheriff of Essex Lady Rosemary Ruggles-Brise and her husband Sir Timothy.

It was to celebrate raising £1.6m, which allows work to start this autumn, and to launch the campaign to raise the remaining £150,000 needed to complete work.

High Sheriff visits Harp homeless centre

High Sheriff visits Harp homeless centre

as reported by the Echo

click here to read the original article

A Charity for the homeless that aims to expand in Southend received a special visit from the High Sheriff of Essex. 

HARP (Homeless Action Resource Project) wants to transform the empty Darnley Hotel, in York Road, into a combined accommodation and training centre.  It would provide 24-hour help, including 21 beds, living space and training rooms, as well as a dedicated medical centre.  It would replace the day centre, in Valkyrie Road, Westcliff, which is in poor repair, as well as the 14-bed night shelter, also in York Road. 
It was High Sheriff Lady Ruggles-Brise’s first visit to the day centre.  She was invited to find out more about the services provided.  As part of her tour, she was shown plans for the Darnley Hotel site, as well as more immediate plans for a medical room, staffed by doctors and nurses, at the day centre.  She said: “The Harp project is a very needed charity.  “It was lovely to see the way everybody is extremely positive about the services they receive, as well as the quality.  “The charity does a tremendous job.  “The facility is cramped here and it is a very progressive team, which wants to expand.”  As well as providing breakfasts and dinners, the centre also offers basic training skills, as well as a change of clothes, food parcels and internet facilities to search for jobs and accommodation.  The charity has helped between 1,500 and 2,000 people a year since it launched 25 years ago.  It hopes the move to the £1.25million accommodation and training centre will allow it to aid even more people. 
Lady Ruggles-Brise with Dwayne Curtis, 40, during her visit to the HARP centre
Caption: Lady Ruggles-Brise with Dwayne Curtis, 40, during her visit to the HARP centre

Neal McArdle, the charity’s resettlement team leader, said: “We would be able to offer better quality services and help more people.  “The location would mean we could work closely with clients.”  The charity still needs £400,000 to carry out the scheme.  It is in the process of completing a planning application for the scheme.  The move follows a positive response from a public consultation.  The proposals will be submitted to Southend Council ishortly.  To donate to the project, call 01702 615000 or visit

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Lady Ruggles-Brise Declared as High Sheriff of Essex

Lady Rosemary became the 831st High Sheriff of Essex on 29th March 2011. In an historic declaration ceremony held at Chelmsford Crown Court Lady Rosemary made the solemn declaration in front of the Lord Lieutenant, Lord Petre, Crown Court Judges and the outgoing High Sheriff, Michael Hindemarsh.

To learn more about the High Sheriff’s work and fund-raising activities visit

Lady Ruggles-Brise DL

Welcome to the new Website

Welcome to the New Spains Hall Website.  We hope you find all the information you need, in a clearer, and more attractive format.

Spains Hall

We would love to hear your comments! Please email…

Spring at Spains Hall

Spains Hall is located just outside Finchingfield – widely regarded as the most beautiful village in Essex.  The Estate is a prominent featureof the local environment and community.  It plays an important role both as an employer and as a focus of local history.

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